Turbine/Generator/Boiler fitter

   Installing and upgrading the boiler

   Central heating systems

   Repair damaged turbine engines

   Heating the bolt repair

   Disassemble the outer casing and its cover penutupnya

   Heat to the inside of the casing bolts the open bolt

   Move the bolt pads

   Bolts and open the lid

   Preparing the crossbeam to do process

   Installing the bearings

   Cleaning the Rotor

   Lifting holes in the counter part

   do the painting Welding 6 BC (Blade Carrier) and repair

   Welding blade carrier and fix it



   Experienced mechanic

   Lead and provide input to done by a subordinate

   Heavy equipment maintenance and fix it

   Heavy and light maintenance fix it

   Soldering and connecting components. The sealed system funtional

   Identify, adapt, Fixing, or replace mechanical, electrical and damaged electronic


   Semi-mechanical skills

   Maintain, install and repair machinery




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