A Brief History of Company


     PT. ANUGRAH TECHNINDO DWI PUTRA is a company that is engaged in the installation and maintenance services for power plants large and small. PT. PRINCESS GRACE TECHNINDO DWI (abbreviated as PT. ATDP) was established on 20 November 2008 based on notarial deed Erna Waty Lubis, SH. No. 54 and in passes by the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-13257.AH.01.01.Tahun 2009. PT. ATDP is a development of the Machine Shop Metalindo been established since 1990, while the business of Metalindo engaged in the repair and manufacture of light construction and component - component (Spare Parts) for various industrial machines.

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Veteran Street No. 50/16 G, Medan – 20231, North Sumatra - Indonesia

Tel. +62 (61) 456 1653/415 8937, Fax. +62 (61) 453 8306

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