Scope of Services
  1. Provides rental and service of machine tools to repair a variety of industrial components.

  2. Provides professional manpower to service turbine maintenance, generator and boiler. -Turbine / Generator specialist-Turbine / Generator / Boiler Insulation fitter-experienced (Insulation Specialist)-Electrical-Scaffolding (Scaffolding)-Mechanical Semi-experienced mechanical skill

  3. Provide a certified workforce to work lift aircraft carriers, and freight (lifting).

        Crane Operator

        Forklift Operator


  4. Provide a certified workforce for welding jobs (Welder Specialist)


        Turbine/Generator specialist

    Lead and provide input to be done by subordinates

    Open the entrance to the turbine area

    Unscrew the top of the turbine

    Opening the black tote Turbine

    Opening the turbine rotor

    Opening the cover of the Turbine

    Opening the Cover Turbine Bearings

    Opening the coupling device to the generator bearings

    Opening Cross Over

    Opening the cover of the outer turbine

    Opening the compensator

    Open the case cover

    Prepare for the dividing line for checking

    Open the pump valves

    installing valve CV2 and ESV 3



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